Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007



“This is the future”

Steve Jobs interview with CNBC was very enlightening. In my eyes it really helped me understand his position on his view of what and why the Iphone was created. Steve was very careful to point out the fact that Apple is a product company. They love great products and in doing so they had to compare their products to the others that are out there. This by no way meant that the others weren’t successful . He even goes on to call the other companies “Great Companies”. And I think this reveals that he understands that he is coming out into a world that they have never gone into and understands that when doing such he has to live with the fact that there may be those out there that don’t look at their product as the be all to all phones. I also like the fact that Apple is going for a very small market share of the sales..1%. I don’t think many understand this because they try and place the Iphone against every type of phone out there and you can’t do this. Microsoft holds a certain market and style for some people, Blackberry holds a certain still and market for some people and Apple will too. Their goal is only 1% not 100%. So just because the Iphone doesn’t do spreadsheets doesn’t make the Iphone bad and at the same time doesn’t really make the phones out there that do spreadsheets superior. That’s just what this phone does or doesn’t do for that masses of people it’s geared towards. In fact just recently RIM starting paying attention to the Music and Video sides of the phone industry and yet before when they weren’t addressing this area of the business they were still held as a very successful company because of the percent of people it did reach with it’s business only geared blackberries. The future is coming but we as people should understand that Apple is not going for all types of market areas… they are shooting for a certain percentage of people, and with that small niche of people they believe they still can be successful even though other companies remain successful as well.


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