Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007



Well it didn’t take long before all the software companies starting putting there products out from the Iphone. Wondershare is the first to hit the news with there line of Dvd to Iphone products. This software will take your dvd movies and transfer them over to a file that the Iphone can take and playback for you. They also have a package software option with Video to Iphone
converter inside as well. This will take all other video files and convert them to MPEG4. In my experience with these types of products it really depends on which one you get. I’ve had some that run so slow and then I had others run really fast on the same file. So be sure to use the trail period to test it out for your liking. So all and all I think as long as this 1st software runs pretty fast we should see some people getting them and starting early transferring files and dvds over to their computer before the Iphone gets to them, that way all they have to do is sync and they can start to enjoy the product a lot faster out of the box than if they waited till it came out and had to do this. Well at least that’s what I’m going to be doing.


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