Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007

Bad old Putty Tat!


When Mr Dvoracks goes out on a limb …remember not to follow folks!

Ok take a good long look at the cat named Mr Dvorack. This little kitty saw this big tree and thought he could climb it for kicks. He jump up and grab a good hold of the tree and started making his way up very easily it would seem. But something happened while going up. The kitty got too bold and thought that he was more than what he was. I mean lets face it, every other tree he climbed wasn’t anywhere as big as this but yet he was climbing with ease. So the kitty saw a branch that had what seemed to be a harmless little bird injured and unable to fly. So Mr Dvorack look at the bird and thought to himself…Easy pray. I got the bird trapped and injured. I’ll just take this bird for myself and tell the others kittens that I ran it down and injuried it all by myself. I’ll tell them how easy it was to climb and hunt this prey. They don’t need to know it couldn’t fly. So Mr Dvorack went out on highest limb of the tree that stretched over the lake..not really being bothered about the water below. And of course, why should he. He’s such a great climber there is no way that he could fall. But as the kitty got closer to the bird the bird moved out futher to the end of the branch. Mr Dvorack then leaped at the bird knowing that he had him and then out of the blue the bird takes off flying high and quickly away from the kitty and the kitty…well lets just say, what he thought was a easy picking turned out to be a very eye opening experience. And as for the bird, he not only wasn’t hurt but it turns out that he was one of the best flyers in his group and as he flew to meet his other friends to laughed at the kitten he said…Hey that’s the third cat we tricked into fallen in the lake today!

I guess art does really imitate life. Because thanks to the recent reports about actually people testing the Iphone they have finally confirmed that the Iphone battery is even Better than expected. That’s right people BETTER than expected. I guess that’s why Mr Dvorack reminds me of this cat above because I bet he sitting around right now feeling and thinking the same why this cat is. Wow….what happen to 40 minute battery life Mr Dvorack and your so call insider in Cingular? As I said before, I would fire people that produced such false reports. Thank God Apple doesn’t rely on Mr Dvorack for Stock opinions because he was also the one that stated that Apple shouldn’t release the Iphone, that it wasn’t going to be good for their business??? If they had listened to him for stock/product advice they would be broke. Every investor out there is stating that the Iphone is going to shack up the foundation of technology and are investing millions into Apple. In fact some believe the iphone to be bigger than the Ipod one day. Now thats saying something. So Mr Dvorack maybe you should stick with writting reports on animals and war events because as far as having any knowledge about technology and gadgets…well lets just say you Stink and maybe you should take a bath in the lake. Have fun hunting down your next bird. I hope you catch it next time.

Oh….my, my, my. People here is the deal. Mr Dvorack Lied about this whole thing. There was no inside source at Cingular. The battery statement wasn’t even leaked to him by anyone. This guy made it up. I can not believe this. You tub has him on video talking about how he puts out lies just to get people to log onto his site in anger. Then he states that after the product is released he denies the whole thing and states that all of this was a big misunderstanding and this leads to more hits on his site. I can’t believe that any respectable person would sink that low. I think there should be ways that Apple could get back of those people who just push lies as this guy did. But regardless I hope he got his fame and I hope it was worth it. I know I had fun making fun of him. But all things due come to end. Mr Dvorack you get no more attention from my site I can promise you that.


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