Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007



There is bad news coming from some people out there. I really hate to say this to all the Iphone supporters waiting on their product but this is my job. Ok…here it is. Even though the iphone has Coverflow w/it’s Ipod, Free Push IMAP email, advanced call app. with bluetooth 2.0 built in, multi touch screen, Camera, Widgets, Full HTML surfing w/Safari, Visual Voice mail, MORE THAN 5 hours talk time and 16 hours of Ipod playback time, Digital Keyboard, Wifi, Adv Sms messaging, Adv Photo App. ,Google Maps-Satelite imagery-and traffic….and all inside the thinnest smart photo ever on the market at 11.6mm…..It’s casing back is slippery which can make those people that don’t pay attention to what they are doing possibly drop it. So there you have it. Man….I know for me that cancels the deal in my eyes. I mean …who needs email, widgets, a camera, html surfacing, 5 hours battery life, cover flow, visual voice mail, adv. sms, photo, and phone apps….all in a 11.6mm smart phone. I would have spent more time on making a concrete back for the phone with spiderman suctions so even when you do let go of the phone, it doesn’t let go of you. Now that’s the ticket man…that’s what everybody wants. NOT!! Shut up people, stop crying! It never stops to amaze me at how many people find stupid stuff to complain about. With everything this phone does there is still going to be that smart butt out there thats going to complain about something it doesn’t have or does.


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