Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007

Date set!?

5/8/07…….. page0_blog_entry452_14.jpg

Now it’s my time to start a rumor. Only this time my rumor will be based on facts and not just facts but personal experience as well. Today yours truly went to AT&T to look around again. I of course wasn’t really looking for anything but maybe more info on the Iphone. I also look around for the Advertising stand for the Iphone, hoping that I would the first to run up on it. As fate would have it I saw no stand yet, but light did come in the way of a friend. Now needless to say I can’t name my friend nor the location but he is a manager who has had great dealings with preparations toward the Iphone. The first bit of info is that AT&T is planning (not for all location but some) a mid-night release of the Iphone. That’s right folks, a mid-night release for a PHONE from a Cell Phone Company. Now that’s got to be the first in history. This proves that this phone is going to big if it’s able to make a cell phone company sale it’s products at night.

The 2nd rumor is that Iphone is planning( and at this time the production #s are starting to back it) on having a lot of products in the store to help meet the demand of the iphone. If this is true it will diffinitely help the masses and the rush. I guess they have learned from the xbox and sony when you don’t put enough to meet the demand what happens.

And the third is the biggest. The Manager, in while not giving away the date of the release of the iphone, still hinted to the span of days I might see it. Per the Manager the release of the Iphone was informed to them to happen after the 20th of june but not after the 28th(they know the date but can’t tell you). I know it still doesn’t give the real date but it does narrow it out to a 8 day span. So people be ready on the 21-28 of June because the Iphone is coming.


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