Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007


4/17/07….. Well for those wondering about the stand of Apple inc toward all the new reports about the delaying of the Iphone and trouble they are having with software hang ups here you go. According to one report out of the UK a spokesperson for Apple reiterated yet again ( and I can understand if they are getting tired of this) that the Iphone WILL ship in June and there is no delays only attention placed on making sure everything goes to plan with the quantity as well as quality. They also stated that the iphone has already passed several of its required certification test …so if anything it’s ahead of scheduling in regards to test for quality control goes. But again Apple never real stands on the specific day in June. Maybe this time the reporters can go back to the drawing board for some other gossip on the Iphone and the real fans can go back to bed and rest a bit easier knowing that Apple is on the case… sort of speak.


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