Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007



This is the picture that I believe best describes John Dvorack. I don’t know in what life time he felt Apple did him wrong but this guy needs to get over it. In the past weeks the internet post have been in a uproar about his comments. First off he states Apple should cancel the Iphone and then follows up with statements that the battery dies after 40 minutes of use per this unknown source of his at Cingular. Now, even if I didn’t like apple I as a reporter should have enough common sense to know that there is no way in earth a company like Apple would ever put a phone out that would die in 40 minutes. There is no phone out there or any product that I know of to date that would die after 40 minutes of use. You can more juice from a generic AAA battery. In my eyes there is only 3 explanations . 1= The guy he spoke to at Cingular was testing out a prototype 3g version of the iphone which Mr. Jobs said that they would be working on anyway. 2= He lied period to back up his previous position that the Iphone should be canceled. 3=He lied( oops did I say that already). I mean come on man you saw the Keynote, at least I hope you did. The keynote alone was was 40 minutes if not more itself and there was no drop in battery life. Even David Pogue of New York times spent a hour with the unit hands on, making calls, playing music, testing out picture options and God knows what. And after all that not one mention about the unit cutting off…hanging up….and getting low on battery power. Even the pictures and videos of him playing with it that entire hour never showed one drop in power bar. When this phone comes out I would fire Dvorak as my reporter or writer if the battery issues don’t exist.


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