Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007


4/16/07….. Don’t listen now but there is a lot of talk about how the Iphone won’t make it’s June 11th release date due to software issues??? It always puzzles me to find articles like this. True or False the puzzle still remains. How can a product have software issues with it if the finish product showed to the masses doesn’t? The articles doesn’t really state what software issues they were having, which in turn might just make this a false article. But if true I can’t see the unit itself having any major problems being that the major functions were working perfectly with other reporters and event shows that were given a trail run with the product. In fact both Richard Doherty of Envisioneering Group and New york times Dave Pogue got some great quality time with the unit and none mentioned any problems with the software. So if there is any issues it most likely has to be within some new add on software that was not mentioned in detail at the Macworld event or the software having problems communicating with Cingular’s network. And then again it may not really be one. Only time will tell. If there is a delay …it will give me more time to save for the money for two phones( because my wife wants one now. I should have never shown her this phone!) and 2nd…it shows apple’s willingness not to put out anything less than PERFECT. Will follow up with more details later.P.S= There is one small detail that we have to face when looking at June the 11th. This date was never set by Apple inc. The only thing Apple has gone on record to say is that it will be released in June. No date in June..Just June. So it could be June 1st or 30th but bottom line June.


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