Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007

Monkey on my back


This is the face of all those other cell phone companies out there upon the introduction of Apple’s Iphone. One company particularly is Mr. Colligan’s Palm Inc. He joins the few other haters out there with there lack of respect for Apple and their products. It just levels me to se
e professional business men run around scared of the possible demise of their product reach into their butts and come out with something very ugly and smelly and then spray oils on it and call it a educated opinion or theory. Mr Colligan should worry about first, on how to make a smart phone or Pda ( whichever he is calling it) that doesn’t lock up all the time. Second, come up with a design that is truly revolutionary instead of the same item shaped a little different, put into different colors and called an new product. He could also add on his other objective that he had some time ago when he took aim at the blackberries customers during that lawsuit(even though it really didn’t do much good). But when the day ends neither of the objectives will give you something as profound as the Iphone I’m sorry to say. But one things for sure it might just help you find out where to reach when you want a great idea instead of wondering why of late your statements, ideas, and products smell a bit funny.


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