Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007

More Rumor mill


More Rumor mill news spring up. With June hastily approaching us the news and statements seem to change more than the stories told by the girl against the Duke Lacrosse Players. Now the latest info on the release date seems to be some time after the 20th of June. Even though this date has a longer wait, it seems to be the more realistic one of the bunch and here’s why. According to some sources of Cingular (or AT&T) the training for tech supporters for the Iphone was suppose to start May the 1st. Well now it has been noted that training starts May 30th thru June the 20th. If this is true it certainly seems only logical that the phone release date could not possibly be before these dates because if it did there would be no support for it because classes would still be going on. So with that in play it would lead one to think that the release date would be the 20th, 21, or so on(hence the quote “LATE JUNE”). But once again I would not bet my Iphone on this either. More later.


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