Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007

Rumble time!

5/9/07 ……everlast-boxing-international-professional-fight-gloves.jpg I remember growing up as a kid you would always have those times during the year that the school you went to would get a late transfer of a kid during the year. I remember seeing them and being one before. Now in my experience on both sides I saw two things that went on. One if you were a guy …a fairly nice looking guy you would always have your choice of girls at the school because every girl wanted to be with you if not for anything but to get the chance to tell all the others girls about you. But to the guys at the school you would be the new enemy regardless of the fact that you have never seen them before in your life( not to mention the fact that the girl that just gave you her number was the x girlfriend or x crush of the other guys at the school). So you had really one choice if you wanted to get on with your social life the right way. Find the bully, beat the hell out of him and solve your guy problem. And this strangely enough gives you even more credit with the girls than you had before. And this is the position I believe Apple is in. With Motorola taking it’s shots at Apple now, joining the many other companies out there that are threatened by Apple’s entrance into the Cell Phone Industry proves that these companies are very scared at Apple’s presence no matter what they say. They know that the new kid with the right stuff can take the ones they love the most, their Customers. “Let’s get ready to rumble!”


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