Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007


4/19/07…. Quotes of the smartest Microsoft exec. Mr. Ballmer of Micrsoft.

It doesn’t have a keyboard”… ( It does you idiot….it digital. And to think you actually went on live TV and stated this. What a dork.)

“$500 dollars for a phone!?”….(
Umm….did you forget that all of the lastest T
reos out including your precise window version you were so happy to introduce to world (that locks up every week at least once because if lack of memory) is listed by Verizon right Now at $499 with 2 years contract as well? “It won’t appeal to business people!” ….

You mean the same business person that’s on all the PC vs Apple commercials? No… honestly I have no problem with PC’s, I have one myself and don’t even have a Apple computer (not yet that is) which is why I’m not just a Fanboy. But Mr Ballmer if you paid attention to Apple’s statement they are shooting for 1% of the market share….That 1% of the market could give two left testicles about running Microsoft Office on their phone( Wow….OOH…”You want to see me do a spreadsheet Mac?” Try NO!)


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