Posted by: M. | May 10, 2007

The whole Idea!


Now on today recent news of late have been talking about the amazing new software program for Mac’s called Leopard. The new OS was highly favored in the most eyes. The possibilities of the product and what it meant for Mac’s and Mac owners all together was enough to dominate talk in Mac world for some time. However due to the intro of the Iphone this software was left holding 2nd place in attention but was never forgotten. Well it seems that the big people at Apple have notice that there could be more to gain with the Iphone than the new OS right now and have decided to pull man power away from the releasing of Leopard and put them on the Iphone to make sure they make their date. A step or choice I feel really isn’t surprising at all, but some feel differently. There seems to be some out there that got upset with apple for the delay of the new OS. They have even go so far to look at the Iphone as a curse to them that awaited the OS. But I say to them that are awaiting the new OS “wait and be still…it will come in due time”. Just like in Eddy stated in the movie STEALTH….“Eddy is the whole idea!”. Yes folks the Iphone is the whole idea. Get use to it. A OS is release isn’t really that big of a change from Mac’s or PC’s and really haven’t changed drastically on either side, but in the case of the Iphone there has never been anything like this before. Frankly I commend them on the choice and the attention being placed on keeping the release date and quality of the product. Way to go Apple.


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