Posted by: M. | May 16, 2007

Could Darkness have set upon us today?

2-moon-recedes1.jpg I think everyone is getting tired of this, I know I am. If you haven’t heard the lastest rumor mill by now, then you should continue to read. This one, although created inside apple inc., cost a lot of people some money( and hopfully someone’s job due to this). An internal email went out within apple to its employees stating that the Iphone had been pushed back to Oct 07 and the Leopard had been pushed back to Jan 08′. Well as you know this hit like a ton of bricks and investors got scared and stock droped 2.2%. Well shortly after all the suicides took place and all the people were raptured up 🙂 another email was sent out letting them know that the email sent was a false email and that there were no more delays on the Leopard software and that the Iphone was still on track to ship in June. Now ordinarly I would just chalk this up to the haters out there creating lies again but not this time. This came from inside Apple inc. I think whoever did this should be let go because now is not the time for jokes. I mean, come on you cost someone some investor a good deal of money which isn’t looked on lightly. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this in some way will be looked on by people as a lack of control or leadership within the company. Get it together Apple!


Ok the lastest is the apple stated that they their company had nothing to do with the email that was sent out. They also claim that the email never orginated from them or anyone from inside. This, if true is a very good thing in my opinion as well as others that hld apple in a high regard. I have to admit hearing that it came from inside apple was very disturbing to me and I hope the truth and person responsible is found and delt with quickly. More later.


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