Posted by: M. | May 20, 2007

Now, I can say I own a Mac now.

Ok a while ago I wrote how I was still using a PC and had not yet purchased me a Mac computer. Well today is a whole new day. My PC days are over cause I got a new Mac Mini 166ghz due core computer and I love it. I had no idea how much better the Mac is over the PC for the things that I do. This little thing is so quiet it really amazes me on how little yet powerful it is. Learning the short cut keys are bringing me sure joy and the software(OS 10 tiger) is perfect. It really is all the things the PC vs Mac commercials say it is over the pc. All of my hardware(monitor, routers, modems, Wacom tablet, and sound equipment.) just connects without any drivers or hang ups. You are truely ready out of the box with minimal setups needed. So with the Mac OS X running now I am diffenently seeing and understanding how the Iphone software is going to work and can’t wait to have them interact with themselves and my .mac account.


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