Posted by: M. | May 23, 2007

Iphone killer…Yea right!


Denny Strigl of Verizon just threw in his hat against the Iphone in recent news. An interview claims that Denny Strigl and Verizon are working on a iphone killer to be released in the future. Now if this sounds like deja’vu it’s because it is. This is many of the same issues Apple has seen in the last couple of years with the Ipod unit but yet they still remain on top with that and laugh their butts off at all the people trying to compete for the spot in the heart of millions and yet the closest run came from the Zune which at the highest point of their hype only managed 2% of the same market area which Apple got over 60% of. So it is very difficult for me to really believe that a company that was stupid enough to pass up on the Iphone has the brain power to come up with a product better and more original than the Iphone. I don’t think people get it. The pressure they are feeling now with the Iphone, not even out yet, is nothing compared to the pressure they will be feeling once Jim across the street actually shows Jill around the way his shining new Iphone. Another thing is the image of the product is goes a long way in sales and what people think. I mean all these companies think the same. They think if they put a phone out with push email and the 3g Internet or EVDO that this is what people will turn to. It’s not, its the image of the product, the original design of the product and the ease of use. How many phones look like the Razr, how many phones look like the typical Nokia phone, and how many phones now look like the blackberries? No original design at all. But with the Iphone, there hasn’t been anything like it’s design ever. And that is what is really selling the product. That and the ease of use will continue to sell it in the future.


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