Posted by: M. | May 30, 2007

Cold Feet??

images.jpg As the days and months have passed and we inch closer to a would be release day for the Iphone a funny thing starts to happen to me at least( I really don’t know about everyone else). I start to get “Cold Feet”. Now normally this sort of stuff happens to those people who get married, or at least this is associated to those kinds of people or situations. Mine however comes whenever I purchase a big ticket item. This, being that I’m a electronic geek normally is surrounded by gadgets. I start to get closer to buying an item and then I start to think to myself ” Is it really what you want“. “Does it really do all that you think it does?”. “Is there a cheaper way of getting this in another item?”. “Could I be using the money for something else?”These questions pop in and out of my head always, at least of late. I frankly hate them even though I deal with them every time I buy something over $200. It even gets so bad that I start looking for other items to get over the item I’m feeling this way about, in this case the Iphone. I started looking at all the phones out there that really do up to 70-80% of the same things the Iphone does( just not as cool looking doing it). I guess it wouldn’t be that bad if I wasn’t having to buy two Iphones at the same time( my wife and mine). But looking at $1000-$1300 just to buy two phones makes me feel like I’m spending $1000+ for just one. Because the 2nd portion of the money I’m spending will never be seen or used by me, but yet it comes out of my pocket. So I guess that’s what makes me feel like Iphone equals $1000+ instead of $500+.I think I would feel better if it was just me, or maybe just maybe AT&t and Apple will surprise everyone and make a mail in rebate for $200 to all 2yr contract sign ups. But even though this most likely will not happen I will still most likely( unless something weird happens) end up spending the $1000+ on the two Iphones in the end.


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