Posted by: M. | May 31, 2007

More Positive reinforcement!


Ok people straight from the district managers notes. I just got off the phone with a Manager (friend) of one of the AT&T wireless stores here where I live and he has assured me that the Iphone diffinitely will not be coming out on the 5th(as one rumor has put out), 10, or 15th of June. He tells me that his district info sales, rebate, and promotions sheet have all approved budgets, sales, and rebates through June 15th and the Iphone is no where to be found. So this kills all other rumars about it coming out in the beginning of June all the way up to the 15th. Now that leaves open the 20th still as well as the 28th, which were strong dates that seem to come up more than once by respectable sources. Now this doesn’t really spell Positive reinforcement, but the other part to this is that he has informed me that the Iphone priced at $499 and $599 are prices before the rebates that will be given to new customers and upgrading customers(depending on the amount of time you have been with AT&T). He could not tell me how much the rebates are but confirmed that they’ll be one. This is incredible people! This is what everyone was hoping for. I can’t wait to here what all the “it’s to much” people and critics will say once it hits.


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