Posted by: M. | June 2, 2007

Staying focused!


Days come and go. Rumors float about from every direction. Some of them jusitified and some not. You see the listings, you hear the talk, and you prepare yourself or at least you try. Sometimes I feel like I’m fighting the Devil and tempation everyday I wait for the Iphone to be released. Now that we are in June with possiblly only 15-27 days away from the release of the Iphone the pressure builds more and more. Right now I suffer from separation depression from my cell phone because I gave over my contract I had along with my Dash to a friend to avoid me having to pay a termination fee. So it’s been almost a month now and I have no phone or pda which is very weird for me being that I’ve always had one or the other for the last 12 years of my life. I see the other phones that I could get right now and hear that little voice going off in my head telling me to get that phone and forget the Iphone. I try hard not to listen to them because I know when the dust settles and the Iphone demo is at the store or I finally see someone else that has it I will hate myself for not being more patient. I even write down the real advantages of waiting on it and not breaking down and buying lets say the blackberry 8300 or the 8800 vs doing the opposite. I even tried to convence my wife that maybe we should go ahead and buy the blackberries and be done with it (just as a test) but not even she would give up the Iphone(She never gets into electronics). But I guess the most strengthing thing is that all is in place for us to get it. I’m free of contracts, she’s free of contracts, and we have the money. All is needed is the Iphone. I just have to stay focused.


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