Posted by: M. | June 5, 2007

Dumb, dumber, and dumbest complaints!


With the date thing out of the way we now return to the people that cry a bunch about nothing. The subject that has been at hand of late has been the price of the Iphone. People act like the iphone is the first and only expensive phone out there. In reality they couldn’t be more far from the truth. In fact the iphone is really in the middle line of smartphones one could say. We all know the normal $ amount for a smartphone is around 200-300 dollars but what people really don’t bring up while they are trying to bash the Iphone is that there are tons of other phones who don’t even touch the surface of the things the Iphone does that are being set a price range over the iphone, even double the amount on some phones and sites. Some brands worth mentioning is the newly released Nokia n95. It looks like a big camera with a cell phone glued to the back of it. It doesn’t have the all mighty 3g support either, it doesn’t have even a normal battery life capacity, and its cheaply built(screen wobbles) and yet they want 800+ dollars for this phone. There is nothing about it that stands out folks. It looks like all the other silver sliding smartphones. Nokia even makes 8800 which is going for $1300 on amazon. What does it do…nothing! It’s a standard looking phone that has a slide down cover, that’s it. There is nothing that stands out about this phone and yet they want over $1000 for it. Nokia continues the tread with other phones that they have priced at $700-$800 but I’ve had enough of talking about them. We can now move on the LG Prada phone at $850. Umm…Lets see, it has a touch screen( a washed out looking touch screen) with a tiny layout and a caveman like interface theme( almost reminds me of Dos vs Windows and Mac’s Gui’s) its very generic and old looking when compared to the Iphone. The music sound is bland at best. And it also has no 3g support. Which brings me yet again to the question to why is it ok to charge $700-$1300(it’s not because it’s 3g) for phones like these with the little features they have while Iphone comes out under all these prices and gives you all of their features with features yet to be seen inside a mobile device, along with a better design, better battery life, stronger software packaging but yet it’s too much(??). Help me here! I just don’t get it!


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