Posted by: M. | June 6, 2007



I’ve touched on the subject of true innovation and how it is reflected in the mobile world. Today is just another example of it. To every type of true innovation comes the copiers. You have the mother of the idea that gave birth to the original design and then you have the unfaithful father spawning out other designs with others that look like the original design but just not in the same way. There is always something missing or because there are so many attempts the attention is taken away or it’s looked over as just one of those “here we go again” concepts. I would say the Blackberry, Razr,The Q, and HTc(side slide phones) are among the first born in which all the other phone makers have copied off of. This is what makes the Iphone so amazing because it is a first born product as well in which all the other companies will copy off of. Thats probably why Apple had to file for over 200 patents on it. Now I’m sure your heard of the new HTC touch and the Prada. Both of the products trying to capitalize off the buzz around the iphone touch-screen. But what they don’t understand is that it’s not just about a touch screen. The software and the ease of use is what is important and completes the iphone. Both of the fore-mentioned phone have touch screen that are smaller than the Iphone and have smaller touch areas and are cramped together. Both of the other touch screen phone don’t even tip the scale of memory that the iphone has. None of them have the multimedia capabilities that the iphone has and yet at least one(The Prada) is more expensive. It’s no wonder why I see the future of cell phones surrounded around the design of the iphone. So don’t say you didn’t hear it here first.


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