Posted by: M. | June 9, 2007

Possible Chink in the Armor?

I guess life would not be complete unless you find faults in everything no matter what it is. We all can’t be surprised because as long as we are humans then whatever we create will have flaws. Something flawed can’t create something perfect. So why should the Iphone be any different. Now aside from the “I’ll never be satisfied” customers and the “I hate apple” people, the flaw(not a big one but one none the less) I speak of is Apple’s own doing. In the Keynote presentation of the Iphone Steve Jobs did a example of what the Iphone could do as far as multitasking. He had his Ipod music going and a phone call came in. He then answered the call and then proceeded to go on line while on the call to look for movie listings and then while still on the phone, he sent a email to the person he was speaking to. And finally ending the call the iphone returned to music spot it left off at when the phone call came in. This followed by a uproar of support for the people after seeing this. “True Multitasking” you would say if you saw it yourself. But hold you approval folks. It seems that a Iphone guide book was given to AT&t stores containing info about the iphone not yet verified by the public. It seems that the Iphone can only do what was shown if you are in the present of a wifi connection(makes sense but this wasn’t the impression given on stage). In other words, sending an email and going on line while on the phone in your car or out anywhere where there is no wifi that you are connected to will be impossible. Now I know this is not a big issue but I do wish this was presented a little more true to what really is needed to be present in order to do this type of multitasking instead of dropping it on the public that way, making some believe the Iphone could do this regardless of wifi. Steve just forgot to mention this was only possible this way while he was on stage. Now, was it on purpose, probably yes, but is it a blow that will do any creditable damage? NO. But for those who want something legit to complain about, there you go.

****Just a little note folks: One big but tinny thing was confirmed for me at least and this was the fact that the Iphone will have a Vibration feature. This really was the only thing that would really hurt me if it was not present because of the type of Job I do. It would almost be a deal breaker if it didn’t have one.


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