Posted by: M. | June 10, 2007

Getting Prepared for my movies!

For the ones out here that are getting the Iphone for sure, I sure one of the things you have been looking at is how the much room you are going to need for video space. Now, if you have been on itunes site you already know that Apple has a good start of movie listings already. These listing cost anywhere from $2-$10. Two dollars being the tv shows and the ten dollars one a full movie. Now I’m sure there are a lot of people that have been toying around with the tivo and downloading the shows you have on it and if you have done this then you know getting them on your Iphone will require a convertor to do so. Frankly for two dollars I’d just by the show, but when we get into movies it’s a whole different ball game. Ten dollars is not the best price for those of us that are planning on putting more than 3 movies on the Iphone. And the amount of space one movie takes up( 1gb) is a deal killer too. I’m sure you will find that you really don’t have much to go on if you have a 8gb iphone and even less if you have a 4gb. So my suggestion would be to buy a convertor that will convert a dvd into the Iphone’s movie formation (mpeg4). In some ways you might be able to save on space and you don’t have to wait on the dvd to become available on itunes( not to mention the fact that it’s wont cost you a thing to put another movie on it). The best I’ve seen so far is PQ software. I had there PQ dvd to Zune software package and will be using it to convert the same movies to Iphone mpeg4. I tried a lot of them and this seems to be the fastest and most reliable. It will even convert videos you download of the net( like quicktime videos, wm, and other formats). This, my friends would have to be a must have software for the Iphone if you want movies on it. If you have this already I’m not really sure you would need to buy the Iphone edition of this software being that the others have the options of converting to mpeg4 anyway, it’s just named differently. But if this changes I will let you know. Happy hunting!



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