Posted by: M. | June 14, 2007

The Iphone, smaller than I thought!

Man I thought I liked the Iphone before, but now I see that this phone is smaller than I thought it was. In all the previous pictures show the iphone bigger than this. Even on the Keynote presentation of it it looked bigger. But fast forward to one day into the new Mac website updates and wow! I’m really shocked to see that apple was able to make it this small and yet so powerful, especially with the battery life this thing is packing. And another thing I notice now that the pictures seem a bit clearing and neater than before, is the confirmation of my approval for AT&T name over Cingular. The name just fits better as a logo and the color, don’t let me get started on the color( believe me I know why AT&T pushed so hard to go thru with the name change before the Iphone hit.)cause there a million other things I could say about Orange colored logoes vs Blue ones. But Anyway, I’ll leave you all to it because I think I’ve had my share of Iphone excitment today, don’t want to burn out before it hits.


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