Posted by: M. | June 17, 2007

6 is not a joke folks, at least not right now!


I’m sure you all have heard how Steve Jobs stated that the Iphone will go on sale at stores on the 29th of June, but then followed up with the statement that it will take place at 6PM that day. Well most of us took it for what it was, a joke. But it seems that the joke is on us because AT&T actually are going through with this. Someone at AT&T either took too much into Steve Jobs statement or Apple had a temparary moment of stupidness by actually going with what seemed to be joke and making it something serious. I can’t tell you how stupid this is. In the past I’ve managed stores during big releases of items like video games and consoles systems and let me tell you the best type of release is a midnight release. The way Apple is doing this doesn’t make sense at all. They are going to open up the store as usual on the 29th but they claim they won’t sell the Iphone then even though it’s the 29th. But what they will do is kick everyone out of the store that is in the store at 4:30pm and then reopen the door at 6pm to sell to first come first serve. So you know what that means. There is going to be people that were waiting outside the store that are going to be lined up and then the people that get kicked out of the store will wait there thinking that they are to be first and then once the door opens the mayhem begins. AT&T has never opened up their store to a high demand item and trust me folks it won’t go pretty. Just ask Walmart and Ebgames about poorly handled lines and strategies upon the release of a big ticket expensive item. Another thing is that they have yet to address the issue of one person buy multiple Iphones (family plans and things like that) which in it’s self can cause a bit of madness. This is going to be ugly folks trust me.


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