Posted by: M. | June 19, 2007

Here is a little something for all the Liers and those who follow them!


I guess it really not a good idea for people to doubt apple these days is it? With only days left before launch reports are springing up all over the internet about Apple latest release of specs for the Iphone. As it stands 5 hours of battery life and 16 hours of ipod playback is the latest in apple’s “under promising and over delivering” strategies. Today apple now states that the Iphone will have around 8 hours of talk time, 6 hours of internet use, 7 hours of video playback, 24 hours of audio playback, and almost 10 days of standby time(250 hours worth). And on top of this they have upgraded the surface plastic glass to optical high quality glass, which better resists scratches and provides a even more prettier screen. Oh my God, are you people really getting this? The Iphone was already the most earth shattering phone anyone has ever seen or heard of but now with these new spec’s they have outright sealed the deal. I dare anyone to say anything about this phone in a negative sense. Anyone who even tries should be whipped with belt and put back into pre-school. People you can’t beat this, it’s not possible. This is the single greatest invention the world has seen in the last 20 years or more. And believe me when I tell you folks, THE PHONE IS WORTH EVERY PENNY OF $499 OR $599, IF NOT MORE!


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