Posted by: M. | June 23, 2007

7 Days


7 days to go people until the Iphone! It’s been a long time, at least in my eyes. But really it’s not that big of a wait when you think about how long one must wait on a new movie or videogames system to hit the shelves. I remember when the xbox systems or playstation systems would hold their introduction shows, one would normally have to wait a year or so before getting your hands on one of the systems. Not the case with the iphone. I know it’s been a project for last 2 years but nobody ever saw it until the Macworld conference. I think the videogame consoles should follow suit and not make people wait so long after they show the system to have the system. Waiting a short time is good, but waiting too long isn’t. But that’s just me.

****Just a note to all who my not know this little bit of information…The Iphone will only be sold at the Corporate stores only. So for all those people that are planning on going to those hide away spots for Cingular or AT&T you better make sure that the store is a Corporate store and not just a outlet sister store. *****Happy Hunting****


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