Posted by: M. | June 25, 2007

The flaw detector MIGHT have picked up another chink in the armor


Well today I have some possible bad news that’s a little hard to believe but none the less it’s what I have noticed. Now, those of you who have read and read my articles on the Iphone know that I’m a big fan of it but at the same time I’m fair when it comes down to pointing out any flaws it might have. Such was the case with the multi-tasking issues I pointed out in “Chink in the Armor” article below. Well I have another one. This one has not been confirmed yet but there is some evidence missing that doesn’t point very well for Apple. The missing item or info I speak of is the lack of info on the PUSH EMAIL from yahoo. There hasn’t been anything mention since Macworld about this and what really got me to wondering was the lack of info about it after the update on their site. No where does it mention Push email and this was suppose to be a big item that was suppose to set them apart and give Blackberry some headaches. And if this wasn’t bad enough the new 20 minute demo video shows, at the end of it, the email settings and it only had settings for Manual, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and every hour as it’s choices. So then for those of you wondering if the .mac accounts “every minute” option would be available the answer seems to be NO. So if Yahoo push email has been done away with, then apple has compounded the issue even more by taken away the ability to set you email to be checked under 15 minutes. This is going to make a lot of people upset if true and will most definitely give the people who wanted to hate apple and find a big enough flaw to down it all the ammo they will need. I can only hope that this isn’t true and that somehow all this will just be one of those close call moments, but only time and my Video Review will tell. Stay tuned!


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