Posted by: M. | June 27, 2007

The Good and The Bad


It seems the more time goes by the more info is given to make some smile and cry. Ok the bad first. New york times writer David Pogue received his Iphone and have posted his thoughts on the product. For confirmation on status on replacement battery is now a clear “no”. There is no way to replace the battery unless you send your phone off. I can only hope this doesn’t happen till after you have upgraded to the new version of the Iphone some say is coming out next year. The 2nd Bad is the fact that the Internet speed is awful per David Pogue. It doesn’t seem that the Upgrade that AT&T said would be ready for the release of the Iphone is ready yet and maybe never will be. The only thing that wasn’t clear was if the “awful” referred to AT&T speed in general or was this something with the iphone making the internet even slower than all the other AT&T smartphones. And still no confirmation on the Yahoo Push email option.

Know onto the good. The first and obvious + is the fact that David said he has walked around with the iphone in his pocket for 2 weeks and no scratches only smudges which come off with the flick of a shirt. 2nd + is the fact that the Iphone is first bought then you go home and activate it with Itunes. So no waiting on people to get signed up and having to wait till they get off the phone with AT&T to activate the phone. It seems the plan will be to buy and go( which kind of raises some questions in my mind about how well this will work in the end) which will if nothing else save time. Another thing was the Wifi. David said it was a joy to use the wifi as far as speed goes. And the biggest + is the fact that the Iphone plans with unlimited data plans will cost you $10 cheaper than all the rest of AT&T smartphones(not the blackberry) plans. So basically you will be charged $59.99 for 450 minutes with 200 text messages and unlimited internet use instead of $69.99. Thats really good if you ask me. I never figured out why AT&T would charge $10 less for the blackberry’s internet use w/phone planes being that they still run at the same speed. Personally I think this will reach across the board for all smart phones for AT&T in the near future.


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