Posted by: M. | June 29, 2007

Well we be able to Celebrate?


Well folks only a few hours left for a possible celebration! I have my glass ready and the wine in the ice box. 5 reviews are in over the net. All five give the Iphone a 4 out of 5 or a 3.5 out of 4 . These scores even though not a perfect score give the iphone it’s just do. They all same the same thing about the unit. The unit is truely a next generation gadget with only one real complaint. That it’s for AT&T. They #1 say the internet was a let down for speed compared to the 3g speeds and the evdo speeds. Even though I haven’t tried the phone yet I’m a little confused about how this was a let down if you and all the rest of the U.S have known for months and months that it was a AT&T phone with edge support only. Did anyone think that just because it was Apple it was somehow not going to be edge even though they informed the hold world that it would. At first I thought they were saying that the speed of the Iphone’s(not the edge)internet software was to blame but upon reading more reviews they are complaining about the EDGE speed as if it was a shock that it was slower than the 3g’s and the evdo’s speeds. I’ve had the Dash and think that it is the best phone out there(next to the Iphone of course) and this was on edge to and I had no complaints about it’s internet speeds. So if the iphone can recreate these speeds I will be one happy customer. I only fear would be a slower speed than the Dash had. But tomorrow will answer all those questions. I have my bags almost packed. My wife and I have our chairs and hopefully memphis will end up like it has always ended up. Not very demanding on phones and slow when it comes to crowds for big ticket items. So far there is only 5 people lined up at the apple store and none anywhere else. So this leaves me with 5 confirmed location to go to tomorrow at 7am. “May there be two” for us!


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