Posted by: M. | June 30, 2007

It’s Finally over!


My wife and I have finally gotten back from a Iphone victory. But let me tell you it wasn’t without it’s bumps, hang ups and down right frustrations. I will be posting my video on this very soon so stay in touch but for now let me tell you how it all started folks. First off we get our son to daycare around 7:30am on the 29th. We then bypass going to the Apple store(who already had 5 people that camped out overnight the night outside before friday) and two other Corp. stores along the way(outside line stores too) just to arrive at the Mall. Now you would think that the mall would have been any smart person’s choice because you get to wait inside instead of outside. But I guess we were the only smart people in Memphis. We got there with nobody in line. So we decided to wait on the bench in front of the mall which was about to open first for the walkers and then at 10 for the shopping. You would think this wouldn’t hurt anyone but no the flash light cops at the mall had to pick with us and tell us that we couldn’t wait o/s but yet when another couple (which were a different race than us) sat in the same spot the Security person let them in. Now I found that very strange and then when we walked in behind these people the sucurity lady tells us that we can’t take a portable chairs in, we can’t stand out the door of the store and we can’t form any kinds of lines. No granted the AT&T manager already told us that we could but they said they were pulling rank and now telling us that we couldn’t. Bottom line we had to get the Manager and District Manager to get on the security people to shut up and leave business to business people. Then once the 11 hours passed we had issues with AT&T services telling us that we had to pay $300 for a past cancelation of 2 phones we only had and returned within 10 days( remember they have a 30 day return with no early termination fee). Even there computer show the times that the phone was activated and the time the account ended but yet somehow they still didn’t get this straight for 40 minutes after the store opened up to sell the Iphone. Needless to say I thought I was going to loose the one I was going to purchase. I was first in line and last to leave the store thanks to all this. Bottom line I was not happy with this or their company and if it wasnt for the Iphone I would have walked away from this all. Does the phone make up for it. Well you will have to wait for the video review coming soon.


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