Posted by: M. | June 30, 2007

What does the letter “H” have in common with Iphone.


Well I guess the first would be Hate or Haters for those people that just could not go to bed until they found something to hate about the Iphone. But what I like about the “H” is that it also stands for Hypocrites. Here is what I mean. You and 20 or so people are setting line waiting on the Iphone inside a mall talking and enjoying themselves. Then just like clockwork you get the H’s that see the line and just have to come up and ask the stupidest question “You guys aren’t in the line for the Iphone are you?”Um, being that we are lined up outside in front of a AT&T which big butt signs in the window saying Iphone to be released today, not to mention the most obvious fact is that you have already heard about it and knew about it because if you didn’t you would have not come over with a direct question toward the line or name of the product( it’s not like the name “Iphone” is used to describe anything else at this time). Then after answering this question a thousand times over you get the next statement…”IT’S JUST A PHONE”. We know this, thats why we are buying it dummy. What do you think we are buying it for, to go play golf with? To me this is the most stupidest statement to say. Not to mention the fact that this same dummy was in line not even a year before now camped out for a playstation 3, or a wii , and some time before that with the xbox 360. “Remember it’s just a game, Right”. Oh yeah I hadn’t forgot about the same people will stand in line for a movie(like say starwars)…”It’s just a Movie”. And then we have the people that will bust their but to get a Cigarette of all things, “Its just a cancer stick” and last but not least and the ones that will wait in line for hours just to be seated at a restaurant or let into a club. If you hungry why wait in line just go across the street and get food from a gas station or Burgerking? “It’s just food”, right? My point is this just because you don’t get it doesn’t make what thousands of others doing weird or wrong. Maybe you should look at it this way. You seem to be the minority if thousands of others are doing something that doesn’t cause death and isn’t hurting anyone and somehow you don’t get it. Maybe the weird person is you!


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