Posted by: M. | July 1, 2007

My Written Review!


With end finally here, the news and rumors finally reaching the true, and all the liars now having to now push things that are true about the phone we all can now begin to see what was really behind door #1. Me myself have gone through a lot even at the location I got the phone from. I was faced with racism, jealousness, and made fun off. All this for a phone, you might say. No not just a phone but a jump in technology. Yes, I can confirm that the iphone is a must have “IT” gadget. It has all the hype and backs up at least 90% of it. Is it perfect no. But why do we ask ourself this question when it comes to any gadget or thing. There is no perfect gadget or human (at least left on earth right now) period but yet when reviewing we as reviewers always have to make this statement. So forgive me. But while not perfect it is far closer to being perfect than any other smart phone or gadget in it’s own field than anything I’ve seen. The phone was just well build and smartly put together. There are always those who wish it had something else but to be honest to have all the options this phone has and how they went about completing everything shocks even me. They really went above and beyond putting the iphone together and deserve a standing ovation.


The phone is as it is advertised, the thinnest phone ever. The battery life takes battery life to another level for phones. I heavily used it for 12 hours straight and still had a little bit over half of battery life left. This after watching 20 minutes of movies, listening to the ipod, talking on the phone for some hours, and sending emails galore. The keyboard is exactly what the reviewers say over the net. At first it will not be fun but after (a day for me) 2-3 days of using it the iphone will be better at typing than regular smartphone keyboards. I enjoy every single time I have to type something. In fact I look for reasons to send a email. And speaking of email, I was finally able to confirm push email through yahoo as being available for the phone but first must warn you first that this option won’t be spelled out to you when you get it. It won’t say it in the instruction on how to set it up because there is nothing you need to do other than putting in your yahoo email address with password. That’s it! The Iphone does everything else for you. No signing up for anything(as long as you already have just a regular yahoo email account.It doesn’t have to be a specific one) no downloading anything extra to your computer or iphone, IT JUST WORKS. That my friends is amazing. And just like the email stuff the wifi and how it just switches is so cool and smart too. It just knows when to do it. You don’t have to tell it anything. Youtube was simply amazing as well, I love having direct connection to youtube without going on the net and for the most part all the video play in a fairly short amount of time(almost instantly while connected to wifi)and play in a nice resolution for the most part. But you do have some that are just plan bad in quality. Another nice little niche is the timer and world clock features. I’ve never had a phone that had these features on it. I can see this becoming very handy at work for breaks and lunches. You also have a note section to jot down notes or details on anything( a needed feature for me at least). No real need to talk about the Ipod area really, I mean it’s the ipod thru and thru. I guess the only real stand out point is how perfect the movies look on the screen. I used my old Zune PQ software to convert my 3 dvd’s over to Mpeg4 and then set them at half the space a quality and it still played perfectly on the Iphone. You couldn’t tell that the quality was set at only a half of what it could look like. Can’t wait to see what a movie looks like set at full quality. And the last + thing which to me is one of the more useful ones is the Maps , traffic and satellite feature from google. This will be my most used feature because I am so bad when it comes to getting around my city. And then having traffic updates present will avoid a lot of headache for me. The whole software program was put together so perfect that I can’t imagine how it could have been better unless it was gps. But then again I wouldn’t have paid extra for gps so what good would that option do me.


Now on to what I found to be the hard pills to swallow. Top on this list is the activation problem everyone seems to be having. Even though I went through without a delay in activation I have been reading about people having this problem and hours later still not being able to use the phone. This is a shame and I feel bad for these people. The problem might stem from Apple’s jump into cell phone activations. In my opinion having a phone is enough. I don’t think apple should have gotten involved with the activation through Itunes bit, because it seems that it’s lack of knowledge in this area of the cell phone business is costing people some needed time with their Iphone. But once again I don’t know the percentage nor do I know for sure it’s on Apple’s end or AT&T. The next biggest issue hit me and this is AT&T lack of notation in their service department. A couple of years back I purchased 2 phones for me and my wife and returned and canceled these phones with in 15 days( And we all knew that they had a 30 day no cancelation fee policy). Well AT&T charged me a cancelation fee on both phone lines totaling up to $300+ regardless. So they told me that this was taking care of some years ago but once I got up to the counter to buy the Iphone they told me it was still on my report on my credit. Now you take a $300 balance for 2 years with the same company you are trying to get credit from and where does that do to your credit score. It kills it. So needless to say I had to get on the phone with them just for them to keep me on hold for 40 minutes and then finally removing the fee’s. But when I got home with the iphone I could not sign up as a 2 yr contract post pay line. I had to sign up as a Pre paid account. Now this in some eyes is better because you don’t have to pay a activation fee nor do you have to sign a 2 yr contract however what you do get is a message through out the whole day telling what you balance is even if your not using the phone. This gets old after a while and down right frustrating. I have talked to 3 different departments and either most don’t have the pre-paid contract or it really dumb luck because my wife’s phone does the same thing (remember I had to get two). Only one of the departments say that they were made aware of this and would be looking into a resolution. So all and all if you look at the trade most say they would prefer it this way over the 2 yr contract with activation vs dismissing some messages that pop up. Me, I won’t be happy until they can at least make sure the messages don’t come through until after I get off a phone call and no further.

So there you have it in a nutshell. Add up the positives and subtract the negatives and you still end up a winner. Hope this helps someone make up their mind or confirms them at least. Video review coming soon. Thanks!


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