Posted by: M. | July 3, 2007

More Worries put to rest!


Ok, First off I will have to say after all the unboxing video’s and all the video reviews on the net of the iphone I have decided not to do a video
review of it now. Sorry for those looking forward to it. But I don’t think that another video review is needed at this time but I will give you a video. I think you’ll agree that this video can finally put the last of the lies about the Iphone to rest finally and we all can relax. No more scratch stories and no more “it’s to slippery, it going to break as soon as you drop it” cries. Thanks to PCWorld for have the balls to do this to the iphone and at the same time post it. And in my opinion, and I think you will agree with me, that this video is all the review video anyone needs to see to finally prove that the iphone is just as well made software wise as it is physically.


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