Posted by: M. | July 5, 2007

Just to Confirm Some things to everyone!


Lets get this out of the way shall we! I see some of those internet articles on how the Iphone could have been better( so could humans!). And How people aren’t happy with little stuff. How some try and place activation issues on the Iphone itself(this is on AT&T as we have found out of late). Lets get this stuff corrected now. Now the last article about me enjoying the iphone or the struggle to relax and commit to the enjoyment of it has nothing…I repeat NOTHING to do with the product. If you haven’t gotten this yet from all the articles and all the true reviews out there, then here is your last notice. THE IPHONE IS AT LEAST 40% BETTER THAN ANY, I SAY AGAIN ANY PHONE ON THE MARKET TODAY. There is no comparison! All others can try and have some of the same features but never can complete the package. I am so sick of seeing all the haters out there try and compare stupid bulky phones like the Ocean to the iphone just because it’s 3g.This doesnt make it on par or better . There is no phone that has the battery life, the memory (even if you add a card to it they still wont reach 8gigs), or the OS system that is as efficient as this phone. And touch screens, come on folks! There are touch screens and then there are TOUCH SCREENS. Just because a phone has a surface that can be used as a touch screen in CERTAIN areas or spots doesn’t make it anywhere in the same league as the Iphone(i.e htc). Don’t get me wrong these phones deserve their spot on the shells and may be good phones, but by no means would I even try and fix my mouth to say they have taken the same quality of steps the apple has in their product. I bet you can’t drop 70-80% of the SMARTPHONES out there on concrete like the video below showed and it still works and don’t even attempt to talk about the scratches on the screen on all of 98% if not more would recieve if keyed. I’ve said this before and I’ll continue to say it. This is the single greatest invention in the last 15-20 yrs. Well Done Apple, Well Done!


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