Posted by: M. | July 7, 2007

700,000 and counting


Ok, the numbers are in and the Iphone has sold 700,000 units in the days it’s been out. This is mind blowing people. You tell me when the last smart phone you have seen or heard of for this price( hell, at any price) sale this many units in a couple of days. I can very well tell you that you won’t find one. Well I guess that the price really didn’t stop the sales now did it. And of course you still had the false reports stating that the iphone didn’t sale that well. When will people get tired of printing false stuff just to get people to read their articles? To every word that I’m hearing it’s been a complete sellout and some stores got mulitple shipments in and still weren’t able to keep them in stock.

Today I went to the apple store just to see how they set their store up being that I got mine from the mall. And when I got their i was impressed by the layout. Two very big Iphone replicas that actually placed in both windows in the store and a complete wall with nothing but demo after demo of the phone on the desks with monitors playing video of it. And of course a group of people just licking their lips at the demos and the info given by the employees their. It felt nice to have mine on my hip with my music going just low enough to hear them talk and wonder if I really had one or not. But all and all the reaction to the demo’s are the same wherever I’ve been. “Oh, my God…I’ve got to have one of these” seems to be the on going statement I keep hearing. I sure hope everyone that wants one get’s one, I really do.


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