Posted by: M. | July 16, 2007

My experience on speed has been good!


Now let me start off by saying that most speeds may in my experience be effected by a lot of different things. Some the location, some the phone itself, and some just based on the amount of people using it at the time(so I’m told). Now I live in memphis and my experience with the edge network has never been bad. I’ve used it with cingular before the Iphone, I’ve used it with Tmobile. And through it all I never really got what the big complaint was about once the evdo and the 3g started making headway. Now, I did have evdo speeds before when I had the Q from verizon and at the time I was always looking for ways to really test the speeds out vs a edge network because I was told it was this big advantage but based on my memory I didn’t really see that big of a jump on most sites. My thoughts is that the evdo and 3g speeds aren’t noticable on all pages and even then they are at best a couple of seconds faster if that. Now fast forward to today with the Iphone and the edge network adjustment some believe have taken place compared to the speed of the evdo we just might have a even greater difficulty finding a real reason to go with the evdo over the edge network(at least when it comes down to the iphone). As shown below the edge actually beat the evdo 3g speeds of the treo and as I stated below my speed on my iphone was even faster than edge speeds on the iphone that the reviewer had. So maybe the speed in Memphis have been upgraded and this was what AT&T hinting to earlier before the release of the iphone. So maybe later others will see the same speeds I’m getting in their city. But all and all the bottom line is that here in Memphis my iphone speed on edge has just as much speed as the evdo and 3g in most cases and this my friend is good enough for me.


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