Posted by: M. | July 21, 2007

Battery Life


I have of late been seeing some people talk about the different experiences they are going through with the Iphone battery power. Some people have wrote that they don’t have the battery life Apple and other have experienced. While myself and my wife both experience battery life’s 2nd to no other phone we have used(in most cases going 2 days completely without recharging), I understand, as should others, that there are some iphone that may a have defects. This is the case with all products that are made by man. But it’s the percentage of the units that have this problem is what determines the success rate of the product’s creation. And it is in this that I say that based on the amount of people that I’ve spoken to and have seen in forums there is a huge 80+ success rate of the phone that have no problems with battery or otherwise. This is very successful in my opinion. Another statement that has been brought up about the battery is everyones fear that the battery will not work anymore after a year or so. Ok people, just to relax everyone here is the deal and what apple really said. They said #1 that it will last anywhere from 300-400 charges BEFORE it STARTS to loose efficiency. START to Loose Efficiency doesn’t mean that the battery just stops period. It basically will start to loose power a little quicker each month or months from that time on. So with it having the ability to last 8 hours of talk it will stop at 7, then 6 , then 5 . And each of these drops will have its own amount of time that it will stay constant before it drops lower. So it’s not 1 year and done period. And even this depends on how many times that year you actually charged the phone. I know with me and my wife we are at every other day so this will most likely extend our time tremendously. Another way to help this out is by turning off the phone while at home. You have your emails on your computer and you have your home phone to use while there. So why use the Iphone? With this way you can cut you charge days down even lower than mine(this is something I’ll probably need to adapt myself). We might even make for a solid 2-3 years this way and by that time the iphone will need a upgrade anyway and if not let not act like once it’s battery needs to be change out that this is it for the phone. They will replace the battery for a charge and you can rent one until yours comes back. So it’s not like all goes to shit when the battery needs to be replace. So why are so many trying to make this out to be a big deal or like your phone needs to be thrown away once the battery needs to be replaced? Because it doesn’t .


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