Posted by: M. | July 21, 2007

Invisible Shield +’s and -‘s

This is the video that really made me want to buy the Invisible shield. It was not for the protection of the scratches, though. It was merely for the smudges and fingerprints that my Iphone receives because it is a touch screen. So I started to look into all the different solutions to help protect it from so many. And here we have one. The Invisible shield. Now I didn’t know if it would help protect against fingerprints from this video. I had to do a little bit of reading around, seeing how others felt about the invisible shield. And once I saw that it helped cut down on the fingerprints and smudges I was sold mostly. Now I did run into the protective covering by Box-wave that cancels out fingerprint period but it didn’t seem as clear as this the shield(at least the one that stops fingerprints, not the crystal boxwave, because it doesn’t stop fingerprints). Another reason I didn’t pick it is because I remember having this for a pda of mine and it laid down well but at corners spots it would come up and you would have to always make sure you pressed it down so that no lint or dust would be trapped. So needless to say I wanted to try something different, even though I was 90% happy with box-waves screen protector. So once it came in I applied almost just like he did in this video( I sprayed both sides like the instruction told me too, but on this video he didn’t). And let me tell you it truly is easy to put on. Now I did have some concerns about the spray liquid draining down inside the iphone from the edges when you pushed out the bubbles but that was quickly taken up by me and a paper towel. Then just like the video it only took about 5 minutes for it to dry on. But you should allow it to at least dry overnight before you put it through any real hard usage and test, just to be sure. But once it did dry you saw no bubbles and the shield effected NONE of the touch screen responses which is the key for any overlay you put on a pda or smartphone that has a responsive screen. So, all the love was in the air until I went on line (with it’s white background) and saw the embedded scratch lines that reflexed the light from the Iphone and produced these red lines shrinks through the screen. In this video the guy never turns on the iphone so I couldn’t verify if this is common or not. I did buy my wife a shield too but she is not here for me to apply it to hers to verify if this is something common or just a rare defect. Now is it unbearable?NO! But should it be something that one should have to deal with? NO! So I called invisible shield and they assured me that this is not how the product is suppose to work and it’s not suppose to show these lines. I then was instructed by their customer service department that I will be shipped a brand new shield next week(because they are sold out right now) for free and all I have to do is put the old one on a piece of paper and send it back off to them. This was cool of them because most companies (like box-wave, because I had a similar issue with them) would require you send it back to them first and then they will send you a new one. So this alone gives me high hope about Shieldzone and how speedy they reacted to this with no question and no hassle. Once I get the 2nd shield or whenever my wife gets back in town(which ever comes first) I will post a follow up to confirm the Shield!

7/28/07.. Ok my wife returned from her long trip up to her mothers and now I have applied the Invisible shield to her unit now as well. Bad news is that the lines and scratch marks are inside her shield as well, but in different areas. What are the chances? I don’t know! But this doesn’t vote well for Invisible shield. I’m starting to think that I should have went with boxwave. But I did call Shieldzone again and informed them that my wife’s shield is also needing to be replaced. They said they would send a replacement off for her as well. We have been waiting and still haven’t seen them come in but as soon as they do I will follow up on the findings on the 2nd batch of shields.



  1. I hear what your saying, but it still can’t possibly be as good as just what the iphone was really made for. Just all by itself. Check out Jobs, pulls it right out of his pocket. I am sure he has a cleaner running around in his car or something. I actually found one that addresses all the issues I had with the Cleaners. I found one called iKlenz, and it comes with a black high grade cloth, microfiber travel case and a spray solution that fits right in there. No case, no screen protector . . . the my $600 status Symbol 🙂

    Anyway thanks for the post, but you definitely have other choices . .


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