Posted by: M. | July 25, 2007

Much lower than stated!

question_mark-wince.jpg The latest reports have the iPhone selling much lower than what was stated by a lot of sale reports. Where the reports got the false info from is not known but what is known now is that the 700,000 sold were more like less than 150,000. This is really shocking to me as well as Many others who bought stock. In fact apple’s stock has took a major hit in light of the new numbers. So this is apple’s mud in their faces as far as any window mibile fans and doubters. This is the perfect yime for all those people that wanted something to laugh at to get their giggle on. But word to the wise, he who last laughes the hardest! And just before you take a deep breath to get ready to laugh at apple you may want to take in thought a couple of facts first. One os that this number is not what apple has done up to this point, only what they did in the first 2 days of selling the iPhone. And two, and probably the most important, is the fact that this is only with the US. No other country has the iPhone yet. So what will happen to the #’s once japan,Europe, and other territories get this phone? Not to mention Christmas sells! But regardless of what they do the numbers want make me take back my phone. I personally could care less as long as i have my phone.

7/26/07….Well the numbers are in from Apples point of view. They say they shipped and sold out of the iphone at 260,000-270,000 units. This number well conflicts with the numbers given by AT&T with their 146,000. But then again 146,000 was only the phones activated, but then again it’s hard for me to see that 124,000 people could not activate their phone and or only got it to hack it or sell it. What could AT&T gain for lying? The answer is nothing. Then that leaves Apple. Are they lying about the numbers? One would think so. But as one reporter reported the numbers even at 146,000 are very impressive still because these numbers reflexs #1 a period of 30 hours ONLY of sales. And #2 show a 40-46% switch rate of new customers that left other service providers to go to AT&T for the iphone which is bigger than any recorded # in cell phone history( there has never been a 40-46% of switchers signing up within 30 hours of any other cell phone.). And it seems that all the investors have started seeing the same thing because Apple upon the release of the first #s drop 6 points to 134.00 a share but closed today out with 146.00 a share, which is higher than it’s been before the release and after it’s release of the iphone and this all on a day the stock market had it’s worst recorded day since it dismal day back in Feb. Way to go Apple. Way to go.


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