Posted by: M. | July 29, 2007

Could it be the best Battery option for the Iphone?


For those of you who have the guts and want to get rid of your fears about the battery for the iphone there just might be an answer. Iphonefaq posted a article( about a new aftermarket battery that claims they have the answer. They say it’s the last battery your Iphone will ever need. They state that this battery while lasting just a long as the iphone battery(daily) last now has a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. That’s right folks 10 years of battery life. The battery itself only runs about 25$ but you will have to find someone to put it in for you or you can trust them and send it off to them( and for an extra fee they will install it for you the same day the receive it and ship it back off to you. If these claims are true and these company can be trusted then this is a great option for all Iphone users out there. Now keep in mind this will most likely kill your wrnty with apple, so you have to weigh your options and go from there.


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