Posted by: M. | August 4, 2007

Way To Go Apple, I’m impressed!


Ok after my ordeal with Shieldzone I really for the first time in my life wasn’t really worried about the outcome of the expensive product that failed. For some reason I knew that apple would take care of the situation and make what seemed to be a nightmare a 911 rescue. Well let me start of with how empressed I was with apple when they kept me up to date with the status of everything. I got an email telling me the moment the iphone I sent to them arrived. This was equally followed up by how fast the product was shipped to me, both my loaner and my iphone arrived at their location in 1 day. I got my loaner with the box to send mine in and next day air was already paid for mine to be shipped off to them. The instruction and the box to send it in was very easy and secure and fed ex returned to my house the same day they dropped the package off to pick up mine that was to be repaired. Now fast forward 1 day ahead to Saturday morning( not Monday, but Saturday morning). And I get a knock at the door. Surely this could not be my iphone repaired already. I thought to myself umm, maybe it’s being shipped back to me because I forgot something or maybe they decided not to cover it. Nope! My dear friends, inside this box was a brand new Iphone! WoW(now I don’t have to look at that ungly scratch on the left side casing that I caused on my first drop)! And inside the box a note telling me what I already knew, that the iphone could not be repaired and required a replacement, but the most important was that it was covered under the warranty(lucky for ShieldZone). This was awesome but I hope everyone out there reads this and avoids using Shieldzone for their Iphone before it cost them more than 3days and loaner.


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