Posted by: M. | August 16, 2007

Life continues!

It been a bit since the last post. I have been so busy at work that I really dont do anything else but rest when I come home. But of everything that is the same the one that reigns supreme is my iphone. I can tell you folks that after all this time that has gone by I still stay in sure amazment. There isnt one day that goes bye that i dont think to myself how good it is to have a iphone. There is so many times daily that I find things to use the iphone for.

One of the news articles of late that I’ve seen kind of fits what I went through with my screen. There are reports that talk about the touch area of the screen below or on top failing. Now its not one of those xbox 360 failure rates but it is enough to make headlines. Me myself wonder if these people also bought the invisible sheild. Because i know for sure mine went out from the sheild.

Another article of late that I have read is the complaints about the bill and the amount of pages it is. Come on folks! Of all the things that are so great about this phone you want to complain about the amount of pages on your statment? Help me here? What the hell does the pages on your bill got to do with the iphone itself? And on top of this people tried to say that because of the iphone their bill was big. People its the first bill. Which means even if you went with a free flip phone you would have a larger bill because it includes prorated issues and activation fees. This has nothing to do with the iPhone. Get a life people. If you don’t like your iPhone then get rid if it, plan and simple.


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