Posted by: M. | September 11, 2007

After the cheers!

Its been a while since my last post. Most thought I was done posting, but I’m not. I have really been busy with life in general. I know everyone has heard about the new products and pricing. And I’m sure you have also heard about how upset that made some. Well I’m hear to confirm that yes the idea of the price cut made me upset at first. Until I stopped to think about the fact that they happen all the time and the people that get the short end of the stick are those that buy first. Its one of those negative issues you face when you are the first to buy a new product(ie playstation 3 at $600 and now at $499). Now grated that the price drop happen faster than normal but regardless if happen sooner or later you weren’t going to get you money back anyway unless you were the few that were within that 14 day period because apple knew that those people ,if upset enough could just return it because they were in their return period. So really the money back issues were to take care of themselves and not the customer. If it was really for the customer thry would have given that money back to all people from launch throughout. Now with that said, is my opinion changed abiut apple or the iphone? No! But this doesn’t mean that apple didnt make a mistake with the launch of the new products. I think by releasing a ipod iphone look alike with the same features, you hurt your investors like at&t because people will now just buy the iphone touch or ipod touch instead of leaving their cell conpany to come to at&t for the iphone. And in light of this its no wonder the other companies like verizon didnt feel right about the iphone and apples control over it. And per the latest news reports at&t are growing less and less excited about the iphone. They are no longer pushing it to be the very best smartphone to buy. In some ways I believe the new iPod touch is apple’s way of being prepared for any failures of the iPhone. I just don’t think it should have been pushes now while you are leading sales. You do this when you are losses your advantage. But hey, what do I know!


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