Posted by: M. | October 2, 2007

The better choice!

I know a lot of people saw my review and counter about the invisible shield. The damage it did to my iPhone really pissed me off for a minute. What I should have done was gotten the cover sold at the apple store. Its by power support. It comes in a green sleeve package. I picked mine up 2 days ago, along with some other stuff thanks to my rebate I got(thanks apple). This was the same screen cover I passed up to get the invisible shield( which isn’t that invisible if you look at it at a angle). Now appple sales two kinds. One is a crystal clear protector and the second is a anti glare, anti smudge, and anti finger print cover. Needless to say I went with the anti glare. I wasn’t sure if the crystal clear one would have made sense to get if I was going to still have finger print issues. Once i got it home and opened it up I was really happy to see that the screen was solid like the ones boxwave makes and just like them it was washable and renewable. Also there was two in the package. It goes on perfectly and seems to really become one with the iphone after a day or so. And just like the package says, no finger print, smudges and not even bubble stay. And the texture of the cover and how it feels to your fingers is just wonderful. In fact its the best feeling texture for a screen cover that I have ever felt. It just fits people! I only wish that i had chosen this earlier instead of wasting my money on the invisible shield.


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