Posted by: M. | October 8, 2007

Things I don’t miss!

I was sitting here at lunch just accross from the table of a treo user. Him and his girl was sitting there talking about the problems he was having with his phone, how he always has to reboot and always has errors no matter how many times they gave exchanged it. I felt bad for him as I surfed the web with my iPhone. And then it hit me. That is one of many things that I don’t miss about windows and palm. Even though palm was better than windows it was still a problem with its launch of programs. Another thing I don’t miss is the physical keyboard. I know that there was so many people complaining about the lack of a physical keyboard and how it would stop the iPhone from being a great product but those people are pretty quiet now aren’t they? Another item of hate would be the sizes of all those smart phones. Man was it just me or was all those phones reminders of a big garage door opener remote. And putting them in your pocket wasn’t even a option. And last but not less is the fact that without the iPhone I would have to carry around a iPod or some sort of mp3 player and switch back and forth. No more people, those days are over. Welcome to the new world.


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