Posted by: M. | October 30, 2007

I’m not scared?

In recent news verizon the 2nd place leader in cell phones have made their tough guy speech. Mr comack of verizon came out with a statement that the iPhone is hype. Not that it is a great product. This always makes me scratch my head. How can anyone say its hype. Hype isn’t real. Hype is what it was before its created and still in paper. In fact the hype ended the day Jobs showed it actually working in real time. He said it could do this and that and showed that it could. End of hype. Its now a reality. The second statement that made me laugh was the statement that the iphone was not effecting them in sales. Last time I checked the iphone was destroying treo business and motorola’s line up. And these are two of the major sales portions of verizon sales in phones. So don’t tell me its not effecting you. Then he turns right back around and states that he isn’t concerned about the iPhone but yet they are working on a answer to it. Umm, if something isn’t a threat why are you creating a phone with this item in mind. Sounds to me that they are more concern with the iphone than they are stating.


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