Posted by: M. | November 4, 2007

google phone?

Ok we have another phone coming out soon. Its maker, google. Now google as you all know is a web browser. It has made a lot of money thanks to this. It is one of the more respected companies out there. In fact they are even uses as a search tool on just about every pda or smart phone out there including the iPhone. But even with this people should still be more respectful when it comes down to declaring that the google phone will be the end of the iPhone. I’ll say it again as I said it before. The iPhone is a once and ever blue moon product that has the potential to change everything that you know about the mobile phones. It is the best invention in the last 10-15 years in my opinion. And 4 months of this type of product doesn’t produce a killer this quick( it takes time to cone up with something different). In fact the iPhone killer will be the iPhone 2. I don’t care if google makes a phone, I promise you it will not do what the iPhone did upon coming out. It wont make the sales that the iPhone has. It won’t shock the world and cause a mass crazy effect on people. And people will not be waiting outside a week in advance for it. In fact it will not shock me if the google phone really doesnt look all that different from all the other smart phones out there. It will have a keyboard, probably a slide out keyboard of some sort and hopefully they wont make the biggest mistake and run windows, which all ready makes it a trouble product. Bottom line it will be something new but it won’t be a killer of the iPhone. Trust me.

***Follow up****

Well the news has hit and now maybe all the people that want so bad for apple to loose their hold on the cell phone world can look for another dream. All the talk about google making the best phone is now over. Google, people aren’t making a phone! They are going to make a software package for cell phones. So guess what. They won’t be creating the next iPhone killer in fact if the software is really all that it is possible to add it to the iPhone. So if anything the google software will help all not just the wantabe iPhone killers. But keep dreaming folks it may happen one day:)


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