Posted by: M. | November 25, 2007

Here it is, although I’m not sure what it wants to be!


Here it is folks the answer to the iphone. All you iphone owners out there should run for cover. Oh, did I mention all you sidekick owners should too. Because this is exactly what this phone is. A very poor excuse of a attempt from two companies which ones of them swears that it’s not worried about the Iphone. And the reason why I mentioned the sidekick is because they bit more than the apple tree in the garden they ate from another tree too, the sidekick. Look closely, this phone is a melting pot of the iphone and the sidekick( and their flip out phones), although it really never copies either well. This phone is a direct attempt to copy what the iphone created in it’s interface. In fact if you look over the internet this same interface can be found at least a hundred times in china. Where they put out cheap replicas of the iphone hoping to trick their customers. Congrads Verizon you are the very first US company to put out a swap meat version of the iphone software in the states. “You Momma would be damn proud of you, boy”! In the real world I just look at you and see a pathetic excuse of two companies that thought little of the people and a pretty desperate shot in the dark.


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