Posted by: M. | December 10, 2007

Have you noticed?


Have you noticed lately? The pebble that was dropped in the pond has now started a wave effect that is hitting all over the world. That pebble being the iphone of course. More and more when I go to stores and watch people as they go by, the first thing I notice more and more is that iphones are becoming regularly see in most peoples hands. In fact it’s becoming to big that the once thought rival of the iphone, Google, is making more and more updates for the iphone and will include them in even more updates for there browser. I don’t know about you but this doesn’t sound like a company that is in these to exclude apple but rather include them in their plans for this new software for mobile phones. And you can’t blame them they are one of the most researched internet searches in the world and continue to spread it’s way through the internet as a the next “it” item. Something like the ipod was to mp3 players. You know, how people use Ipod in place of mp3 players instead of just saying mp3 player. Well this is starting to happen to cell phones. People now, only compare cell phones to a Iphone, not Blackberries, not a Treo’s or any other type of phones. And if Apple needed anymore proof of this wave, just last week their stock hit $190.00 a share( considering that fact that the night before the Iphone release their stock was at $67 a share). The highest it’s been during this time of the iphone. All, this and they aren’t even finished releasing it worldwide. Scary thought!


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